Redefining Ethnic Beauty

It was years of meditation and concentration that I no longer felt connected to an industry that was morally bankrupt, scientifically a fraud and cosmetically out of focus. The deficit of remorse was absent in the minds of my peers; it had dwindled down to slave status for the corporate roundtable where no one had the freedom to think. And still doesn’t. The “Good Hair” joke of a movie was so embarrassing not for its content but for its mere effort.  Madison Ave. and the Korean main street machine propagandizes ethnic hair care as a host of bad choices, because why would Black people want their own hair? Or better yet, Do the want straight blond hair so bad that they hate and I mean hate the way blackness leaves them no other recourse than to destroy it? We’d also mind you, will do anything to destroy our health in the middle of it.

To say the least I wanted to break free. I wanted a beauty world based on truth, the sciences of earth and the logic of nature. I said to myself amny times, “I am a spiritual being with the gift of beautifying, why am I involved in an industry that destroys the very thing that makes it so beautiful.”

I was cosmetically trained to do a job with no technology but yet promoted hair care.

My vision of The Healthy Hair Project is a simple one.  I knew if I could create a tranquil salon environment, encourage safer styling methods, bring beautiful earth themes to the salon arena, re-grow hair of millions of women, use organic technology for hair processing then can I control my destiny. My career and health will be at my command thus create the greatest genre in the history of ethnic hair care.

I want to be clear here what you think is organic and natural or even synthetic should be dealt with inside the scientific curriculum of the New HHP cosmetology. What matters is that the Healthy Hair Project RE-defines new thought processes, new positions with fresh concepts that will replace old antiquated methods and ideologies.

Welcome to the path of the Beauty Guru

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