Beauty Guru; Mr. Hicks

Welcome to the Ugly Side of Beauty

_MG_6542-2The beauty, wellness and personal grooming industry as we currently defined it is under a barrage of conversations questioning it relevance as a professional and legitimate practice. Industry professionals, special interest groups, lobbyist and regulatory agencies are all weighing in on the topics chemicals dependency, chemical legitimacy and chemical free alternatives for grooming products. The irony is that all of the aforementioned groups have self appointed themselves as the official regulators of salon professional without any government authority to do so. In the mist of this debacle salon professionals are still being reactive instead of proactive and self regulating to the point there is no room for consumer advocacy to impose personal belief on what can backed by cosmetic science and technology. What is happening in our industry is that as salon pros we have been focusing entirely on the style aesthetic (grooming) instead of being comprehensive cosmetologist with full knowledge of cosmetic chemistry and progressive technology that advances our craft. In other words we have allowed immediate gratification of the consumer and not held ourselves accountable to advancing the craft in regards to all hair characteristics and how it reacts to physical and chemical changes. We also have a tendency not to embrace and implement technologies that advance our ability to be exceptional service providers. As licensed salon professionals we have left ourselves venerable to predatory and vindictive individuals who are spreading information about our industry based on bad cultural beliefs or misleading product information from scrupulous capitalist. If we are truly going to advance our industry and gain the wealth that can be accumulated we got to become better at our crafts and our businesses immediately and this is the ugly reality for salon professionals worldwide.

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