The Elements; Water

The Beaute Guru’s Mastering the Elements

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Mastering the Elements; Water 

This is the one of many lessons on one of our favorite elements called; Water!  For cosmetic sake, the Guru technique is to get to the heart of the matter, what we’re really talking about is Moisture! Mastering moisture is mastering the “Laws of “Absorption, Adsorption, Sorption and Desorption.”

In short I will not give you any Wikipedia definitions but I will furnish you a salon definition of each.

Sorption: is when we add chemical ingredients to activate or make another chemical behave better or as in deactivating the chemical process. Adsorption: is when we want our chemical ingredients for coating surfaces and when we want fuller, thicker substances and or thicker and or fuller hair. Absorption: is when products are taken into throughout the entire volume of the object or particle not just on the surface. Thus changing the weight and appearance of the object. Desorption: is when a surface or particles release substances, this is what happens when plastic bags are used, better described with the word precipitation.  This is one of my favorite subjects because everyone seems to get moisturization ALL wrong!

The coarseness of the hair fiber or (aka texture) rules in this regard. The Coarseness of the hair shaft is important to consider because its ability to absorb is what’s at stake here!

In moisture retention; always remember that if you create a scalp and hair pH that promotes moisture retention that is never loss you will have what you want; soft, flexuous and Vibrant shiny hair. The problem I find for most beauty bloggers and Stylist is that they give advice that I’m afraid to say is not accurate.

When a consumer which most Bloggers, Beauty Editors and Stylist (either natural or traditional are) however they are not Gurus of the Elements. Learning the elements means you are the controller of  ingredients  the chemical elements are in charge of ; all of this you can manipulate at will.

For example, when you understand that the nature of oil has different functions according to their molecular weight and ionic function. Then when you mix oils for a particular results or when you pick products for a particular reason they should accompany ingredients that either decrease the oil’s function or increase it.

I’m sorry to say just by reading an ingredient list or glancing at the back labels in the beauty aisle aren’t going to do it.

Cosmetology is intense, but once this knowledge is obtained you are truly a magician! CM

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