The “Green Thumb”

Green_Thumb_by_forever_airborne copyHow to apply the MAGIC!

What does having a “Green Thumb” has to do with hair care?

Everything! Let me explain what I mean. Hair is as natural to your body as you can get. If you consider it is a result of a healthy body as well as a human function that occurs while we sleep and go about our day. The body needs no assistance from you. It grows just like any biological outgrowth, if given its properties in the proper pH and allowed to flourish, it will grow as exactly the way you want.

Being aware of the fascinating bio-behavior of curly hair one can imagine that the many ways that hair can be manipulated. The “Green Thumb” knows that when gardening or caring for indoor plants; nurturing is the key.  The hair care professional in today’s industry mayhem has lost their “Green Thumb.” I know you’re saying “I never thought of it quite like that” but perhaps you should!

In today’s market the word healthy has become so over used that it only simply represents appearance and that if it isn’t falling out or if it isn’t breaking this represents healthy hair. This is not the prerequisite nor is it the yardstick for health. The term “Healthy Hair” is not just an opposite that of a symptom of poor cosmetic practicing, it is not the prevention of damage and lastly “Healthy Hair” can not just be a mere result and a result cannot and should define the “term”.  I said all of that to say Black Hair Care is a consistent, twisted and interchangeable dichotomy after another.  With its infrastructure so frail and its intellectual body to weak it is easy to see why no expertise or scholar is needed to participate.

2013 will be the year of the “Great Change” for BHC (Black Hair Care) it starts with You!  Your “Green Thumb” is vital to your level of knowledge that should be applied to your salon floor. Your “Green Thumb” will guide you to understanding the power of “The Green Sciences” as it relates to Prevention and Preservation.

“The Green Thumb” selects conditioners based on the efficacy of the ionic ingredient combinations of a product, the client’s immediate issue and desired result. If it is scalp imbalance then you need a conditioner that balances the scalp’s pH. Those ingredients which create scalp balance are proteins that create metabolic states. As I earned my “Green Thumb” many years ago, I kept my clients scalp’s balance by not taking them out of balance in the first place. Using  styling products like synthetic holding sprays, wrap lotions and oils and of course Un-organic chemical services are irritants are scalp irritants. Too high or too low pH chemical services are very harmful to the epidermis layer, leaving the skin to go into a state of healing.

The “Green Thumb” knows what to apply and when. “The Green Thumb” knows when there is Redness and Itchiness that means there is too much blood flow and hyper nerve-action. The scalp message says “Cool me down.”  This can be accomplished with adjusting the pH in combination with the element “Oxygen.”

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