Of course I am the heir of a great legacy, what else would qualify me to give Ethnic Hair Care a brighter vision? My name is Cheryl Morrow, in my own right I have quite a range of accomplishments but it has been the name Morrow that has given me my tremendous amount of skills.   Of course the legend is my father Dr. Willie Morrow.

As I reached a full career 360 being the only cosmetic trichologist and curly hair specialist who coined the phrase “Alternative Hair Care, I wondered what would top that success.  What was left? I still have friends that are trying to make their mark on the industry, I had colleagues who were just faking it; making poor quality product lines with Doctor’s names knowing it was a scam…if I can call it that.

Not until I was moved by a phone call from a fellow colleague whom I had never met, she shocked me like never before. She said the she was very sick and her career had caused it. The Healthy Hair Project wasn’t born out of merely her illness, but out of industry lies.  I knew our little secrets were starting to affect our health, I knew that we were winging everything just about and I knew the line must be drawn here.

Now that I think back on my career, I don’t ever remembering caring about neither the environment nor my working environment.  My contribution to salon pollution was part of my training. My first attitude about the importance of my eco-beauty awareness and education was dumb-founding. Secondly, it was my ignorance of harmful vapors which is a disrespect of air quality. My disregard for resources like energy and water was shameful. The quality of my chemistry and green chemistry was unacceptable. I personally was disgusted with the thought that an industry allow me to make so much money would allow me to see it die and with me in it.

The new breath was advocacy. Through my spiritual belief system which is more nature based than religious, I was called to make a new world, a brand new day with a new and fresh vision.


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