The Beaute GURU “Ions”

You are what you attract!





This is a very short one today!

While you are busy styling hair, washing hair and performing your magic there is a world of elements and particles in the world you & I use everyday called Chemistry.

As chemistry was one of my favorite subjects in school I had the privy of coming to my father’s Lab and while watching everyone in lab coats design things that make our industry safer, I began to imagine a beauty world of things unseen. Ions and the law of attraction are what a Beaute GURU lives for. Here’s the magic; imagine mixing a group of negative ionic ingredients with a little positive ionic ingredients and while mixing and checking pH imagine how many people’s lives will be changed and improved because of this wondrous chemical action.

When you take you styling skills with higher scholar beauty becomes magic!


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The “Green Thumb”

Green_Thumb_by_forever_airborne copyHow to apply the MAGIC!

What does having a “Green Thumb” has to do with hair care?

Everything! Let me explain what I mean. Hair is as natural to your body as you can get. If you consider it is a result of a healthy body as well as a human function that occurs while we sleep and go about our day. The body needs no assistance from you. It grows just like any biological outgrowth, if given its properties in the proper pH and allowed to flourish, it will grow as exactly the way you want.

Being aware of the fascinating bio-behavior of curly hair one can imagine that the many ways that hair can be manipulated. The “Green Thumb” knows that when gardening or caring for indoor plants; nurturing is the key.  The hair care professional in today’s industry mayhem has lost their “Green Thumb.” I know you’re saying “I never thought of it quite like that” but perhaps you should!

In today’s market the word healthy has become so over used that it only simply represents appearance and that if it isn’t falling out or if it isn’t breaking this represents healthy hair. This is not the prerequisite nor is it the yardstick for health. The term “Healthy Hair” is not just an opposite that of a symptom of poor cosmetic practicing, it is not the prevention of damage and lastly “Healthy Hair” can not just be a mere result and a result cannot and should define the “term”.  I said all of that to say Black Hair Care is a consistent, twisted and interchangeable dichotomy after another.  With its infrastructure so frail and its intellectual body to weak it is easy to see why no expertise or scholar is needed to participate.

2013 will be the year of the “Great Change” for BHC (Black Hair Care) it starts with You!  Your “Green Thumb” is vital to your level of knowledge that should be applied to your salon floor. Your “Green Thumb” will guide you to understanding the power of “The Green Sciences” as it relates to Prevention and Preservation.

“The Green Thumb” selects conditioners based on the efficacy of the ionic ingredient combinations of a product, the client’s immediate issue and desired result. If it is scalp imbalance then you need a conditioner that balances the scalp’s pH. Those ingredients which create scalp balance are proteins that create metabolic states. As I earned my “Green Thumb” many years ago, I kept my clients scalp’s balance by not taking them out of balance in the first place. Using  styling products like synthetic holding sprays, wrap lotions and oils and of course Un-organic chemical services are irritants are scalp irritants. Too high or too low pH chemical services are very harmful to the epidermis layer, leaving the skin to go into a state of healing.

The “Green Thumb” knows what to apply and when. “The Green Thumb” knows when there is Redness and Itchiness that means there is too much blood flow and hyper nerve-action. The scalp message says “Cool me down.”  This can be accomplished with adjusting the pH in combination with the element “Oxygen.”

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The Elements; Water

The Beaute Guru’s Mastering the Elements

Unity_of_The_Elements copy

Mastering the Elements; Water 

This is the one of many lessons on one of our favorite elements called; Water!  For cosmetic sake, the Guru technique is to get to the heart of the matter, what we’re really talking about is Moisture! Mastering moisture is mastering the “Laws of “Absorption, Adsorption, Sorption and Desorption.”

In short I will not give you any Wikipedia definitions but I will furnish you a salon definition of each.

Sorption: is when we add chemical ingredients to activate or make another chemical behave better or as in deactivating the chemical process. Adsorption: is when we want our chemical ingredients for coating surfaces and when we want fuller, thicker substances and or thicker and or fuller hair. Absorption: is when products are taken into throughout the entire volume of the object or particle not just on the surface. Thus changing the weight and appearance of the object. Desorption: is when a surface or particles release substances, this is what happens when plastic bags are used, better described with the word precipitation.  This is one of my favorite subjects because everyone seems to get moisturization ALL wrong!

The coarseness of the hair fiber or (aka texture) rules in this regard. The Coarseness of the hair shaft is important to consider because its ability to absorb is what’s at stake here!

In moisture retention; always remember that if you create a scalp and hair pH that promotes moisture retention that is never loss you will have what you want; soft, flexuous and Vibrant shiny hair. The problem I find for most beauty bloggers and Stylist is that they give advice that I’m afraid to say is not accurate.

When a consumer which most Bloggers, Beauty Editors and Stylist (either natural or traditional are) however they are not Gurus of the Elements. Learning the elements means you are the controller of  ingredients  the chemical elements are in charge of ; all of this you can manipulate at will.

For example, when you understand that the nature of oil has different functions according to their molecular weight and ionic function. Then when you mix oils for a particular results or when you pick products for a particular reason they should accompany ingredients that either decrease the oil’s function or increase it.

I’m sorry to say just by reading an ingredient list or glancing at the back labels in the beauty aisle aren’t going to do it.

Cosmetology is intense, but once this knowledge is obtained you are truly a magician! CM

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Beauty Guru; Mr. Hicks

Welcome to the Ugly Side of Beauty

_MG_6542-2The beauty, wellness and personal grooming industry as we currently defined it is under a barrage of conversations questioning it relevance as a professional and legitimate practice. Industry professionals, special interest groups, lobbyist and regulatory agencies are all weighing in on the topics chemicals dependency, chemical legitimacy and chemical free alternatives for grooming products. The irony is that all of the aforementioned groups have self appointed themselves as the official regulators of salon professional without any government authority to do so. In the mist of this debacle salon professionals are still being reactive instead of proactive and self regulating to the point there is no room for consumer advocacy to impose personal belief on what can backed by cosmetic science and technology. What is happening in our industry is that as salon pros we have been focusing entirely on the style aesthetic (grooming) instead of being comprehensive cosmetologist with full knowledge of cosmetic chemistry and progressive technology that advances our craft. In other words we have allowed immediate gratification of the consumer and not held ourselves accountable to advancing the craft in regards to all hair characteristics and how it reacts to physical and chemical changes. We also have a tendency not to embrace and implement technologies that advance our ability to be exceptional service providers. As licensed salon professionals we have left ourselves venerable to predatory and vindictive individuals who are spreading information about our industry based on bad cultural beliefs or misleading product information from scrupulous capitalist. If we are truly going to advance our industry and gain the wealth that can be accumulated we got to become better at our crafts and our businesses immediately and this is the ugly reality for salon professionals worldwide.

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What does Science Say about Black Hair Myths

With one click you no longer have to have to be subject to someone’s opinion. Read what science says is true about black hair care. 

World renown Hair Coach and Cosmetic Trichologist, Cheryl Morrow gently but firmly writes scientific facts, logical chemistry and common sense methods to 100 years old tales and folklore. To order click and Read

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Beauty In Myth

The reader is taken on a journey to the ethnic hair care’s back door with science and truth. Beauty in Myth is the mother of all book when it comes to setting the record straight, in that it sheds light on the dark parts of cosmetology. This book reconnect the dots for a better, safer black hair care. Cheryl Morrow gently but firmly tells it like it is!

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Redefining Ethnic Beauty

It was years of meditation and concentration that I no longer felt connected to an industry that was morally bankrupt, scientifically a fraud and cosmetically out of focus. The deficit of remorse was absent in the minds of my peers; it had dwindled down to slave status for the corporate roundtable where no one had the freedom to think. And still doesn’t. The “Good Hair” joke of a movie was so embarrassing not for its content but for its mere effort.  Madison Ave. and the Korean main street machine propagandizes ethnic hair care as a host of bad choices, because why would Black people want their own hair? Or better yet, Do the want straight blond hair so bad that they hate and I mean hate the way blackness leaves them no other recourse than to destroy it? We’d also mind you, will do anything to destroy our health in the middle of it.

To say the least I wanted to break free. I wanted a beauty world based on truth, the sciences of earth and the logic of nature. I said to myself amny times, “I am a spiritual being with the gift of beautifying, why am I involved in an industry that destroys the very thing that makes it so beautiful.”

I was cosmetically trained to do a job with no technology but yet promoted hair care.

My vision of The Healthy Hair Project is a simple one.  I knew if I could create a tranquil salon environment, encourage safer styling methods, bring beautiful earth themes to the salon arena, re-grow hair of millions of women, use organic technology for hair processing then can I control my destiny. My career and health will be at my command thus create the greatest genre in the history of ethnic hair care.

I want to be clear here what you think is organic and natural or even synthetic should be dealt with inside the scientific curriculum of the New HHP cosmetology. What matters is that the Healthy Hair Project RE-defines new thought processes, new positions with fresh concepts that will replace old antiquated methods and ideologies.

Welcome to the path of the Beauty Guru

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